Magic for Medical Professionals

The Lost Traditions of Practice

November 3th, 4th and 5th, 2006

Las Vegas, Nevada

You'll feel different after the first class at Magic School

In collaboration with Eugene Burger, the dean of the McBride School of magic, and guest L.B. Grotte M.D., an expert in Oriental medicine, Jeff McBride presents a workshop to introduce medical professionals to the powerful secrets of magic and performance and how to use them to influence and improve the healing relationship central to all systems of medicine. The program will be limited to 15 participants.

Jeff McBride

The magician who made Mystery School a reality now turns his attention to the mystery of medicine. Decades of discipline, skill and focus have brought Jeff McBride to the pinnacle of performance magic. For the first time ever, Jeff will reveal his insights into the methods that are used by magicians to establish and maintain the relationships which lead to transformation.

Jeff will teach how he has mastered the skills of voice, body and mind to establish a rapport with diverse individuals and audiences around the world. He will share his insights into the exercises which have enabled him to master the complex skills of conjuring, as well as to maintain the stamina to maintain a highly demanding travel and performance schedule. Through lecture, example and exercise, Jeff will help participants to gain insight into their own potentials in these areas.

Eugene Burger

The Dean of the magic school is well known as a master of technique and misdirection. What is not as well known is his mastery of interpersonal skills and practical psychology. In this workshop, Eugene will introduce participants to the underlying philosophy of his magic, and will teach many of the subtle skills that enable the magician to command the attention of the observer.

The author of Growing in the Art of Magic and Mastering the Art of Magic, both evolutionary texts for magicians and students of cultural magic tradition, Eugene will delve deeper into his perspectives on the spiritual aspects of culture and his philosophy of illusion and revelation. He will share his many years of experience in creating dramatic and transformative experiences.

Lee Grotte, M.D.

Dr. Grotte is the only physician in the West to be initiated into two traditional Oriental lineages of tribal magic. He will share the lessons and insights from his training in these two secret traditions as they apply to the practice of medicine.

For the first time ever, Dr. Grotte will reveal parallels between the interface of traditional magic and medicine in these two cultures, and their relevance to performance magic in the West. Dr. Grotte will also diagram the secret relationships that make African Ifa medicine and other tribal medicines of the Orient so powerful.

In the traditional medicine of Tibet, physicians learn techniques for maintaining their equanimity an increasing their capability. Dr. Grotte will share these perspectives, as well as the detailed methods used by Tibetan doctors to increase compassion, achieve meditative balance between skill and wisdom, and improve personal capability.

A detailed schedule and reading list will be provided to registrants. Some of the subjects to be covered:

Creating the Mind of Medicine

Creating the Body of Medicine

Creating the Healing Spirit

Special Bonus session: Saturday Night Festivities at McBride Magical Mansion. Spouses welcome. Gala Magic Show with surprise Las Vegas Celebrity Entertainers.

Special Focus Sessions: Each of the faculty will offer small group focus sessions on specialty subjects to be announced.

Educational Objectives

This program will provide primary care physicians and specialists an opportunity to develop the performance skills of body, mind and spirit that will help them to create increased rapport with patients, colleagues and staff. These skills will also be useful for those who have to present at conferences, as well as speaking to the public or interviewing on television or radio.

Upon completion participants should be able to:

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